Who Manufacture The Best Cordless Drill: Dewalt, Bosch, and Milwaukee?

Who Manufacture The Best Cordless Drill: Dewalt, Bosch, and Milwaukee?

Being unable to make decision on which cordless drill to buy? In this review, I am going to give some light on this difficult decision. More specifically, I will answer the question on what is the best cordless drills buy select the top 4 options that are popular in the market. We are going to look into their torques, we are going to look into how their battery perform while they are working with a challenging task. We are going to look into if their designs are ergonomic or not. Finally, we are going to look into their price.

The Basic Test for Battery and Performance

One of the common reasons for purchasing a cordless hammer drill is because it could tackle the most challenging tasks. If you are not only planning to drive or drill in drywall or wood, then one of your major tasks would most probably involve in drilling and driving into concrete – if not, then you should replace a hammer drill with a cordless drill/driver.

Drilling to concrete materials we are finding out the number of holes each cordless drill would be able to do and the amount of time it could last. Every cordless drill would be using 0.5 inch hammer bits. So once we began the test, it was already clear that the Makita model was the slowest one and did not last as lengthy as the other three cordless drills. Basically, a brushless drill will has a long-lasting battery lifespan, but concrete is an exception.

The cordless drill that leads this test was the M18 Drill of Milwaukee, it almost doubles the number of drilled holes if we compare with the Makita cordless drill. The runner up version was the 20 volt cordless drill of Dewalt, it defeat out the Bosch drill that is simply based on the battery lifespan, they were nip and tuck on the speed, but the battery of DeWalt lasted longer.

Score: Milwaukee – 1, Makita – 0, Dewalt – 0, Bosch – 0

The Test for Ergonomic Form

The Makita drills appear to be the most friendly and comfortable one for users since it is the lightest compared to the other cordless drills. The Dewalt device is the longest and heaviest version than the others, meaning that it is the least convenient when it comes to ease of usage. The Bosch equipment is the second most lightweight cordless drill but longer than the Milwaukee. Thus, the Milwaukee is heavier but shorter than the Bosch and vice versa.

Score: Milwaukee – 1, Makita – 1, Dewalt – 0, Bosch – 0

The Test for Price

There are exceptional purchases going on every day and with the producers making newer versions you could expect the prices to reduce more or just check out which their latest models have to provide. Whatever you decide to buy, it is obvious that Milwaukee drill is the most reasonable one in the market, but not by much with the forerunner – Makita following at the second position by a paltry 5 USD.

Score: Milwaukee – 2, Makita – 1, DeWalt – 0 Bosch – 0


For all above tests, the Milwaukee defeat out the other 3 cordless drills. It is not the lightest of all but with the energy this cordless drill generater, the users can neglect the weight factor.

Dewalt and Bosch are in sync with each other in the way they operate but the cost for the Dewalt would lead you to go for the Bosch drill. The same operation but a lot cheaper.

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