The Best Drill Press Buyers Guide

     If you think that drill press is only used for creating the holes, you can have mistake because unlike its appearance, this kind of multi-functional machine is able to perform a large number of applications. I’m sure that you will be amazed by its countless functions that means you just need to get the only drill press with an average  amount of money, it is going to help you do many different things. For this outstanding feature, nowadays on the market, it has become one of the most popular tools. Understanding the current situation so a great many manufacturers have produced a series of different drill press. However, which one is the best drill press? If you would like to own the best drill press with average price, you have to learn seriously and thoroughly all of its characteristics and functions. The drill press with high quality must meet the following elements: adaptability, accessories, durable functions and the like.

What is a drill press?

     Before purchasing drill press, you had better know what is it? The first drill press models is just utilized for the metal industry. However, after improvement times, today drill press has become one of the most versatile tools in most stores that means besides drilling the holes, it can also be used for cutting, jigging and attaching. All of these functions create your own powerhouse. In general, a good qualitative machine can not only drill mental but also support the wood process by cutting, sanding and mortising. A good number of people said that besides router table, this is the second indispensable device for each family. However, each kind of drill press has its own pros and cons so you ought to consider all of its following features and functions before getting the final decision:

Construction and sizes

     The normal drill presses have four main parts: a base, column, table and head. The base is a aid part for creating pre-drilled holes that makes your drilling process on floor and bench easily. Its steel column is utilized for holding table and head so it is fastened into base safely. The most important thing is that you have to remember to adjust the column’s length, if you drill holes for floor or bench due to the size of floor model can be 66 to 75 inches and the bench model’s size is able to be 23 to 48 inches.


  •  The table:
     The table of drill press is usually gripped into its column in order to move any positions in the distance from head to base. Moreover, it is also added slots to support clamping and holding for workpiece. All these type of tables are designed the extra central fixed hold even the central hold of some models are able to lean to the different angles like from left to right or vice versa. The drill press’s table is often fitted an auxiliary plywood or particle board table. If yours doesn’t get this part, you should ask shop-assistant to add.
  • The head:
     The entire working mechanism in the upper part of column is called head. One of the main parts of head is spindle (quill) which is placed in the top of head. Its working mechanism is to be pulled down thanks to a simple rack-and-pinion gearing which is worked by a feed lever. After finishing your job, you just need to return it the original position by the motor of machine. You have to lock quill carefully before reinstalling for an appropriate depth. Also, you should remember that this depth depends on the size of holds which you want to get. Most stroke of quill is about 2 to 3-1/4 inches.
  • Key chuck
     Any typical 1/2 inch drill press must get this part due to it will provide you the best grip. However, not all of drill presses are set up the chuck with a key so your task is to find the best drill press with this accessory.
  • The motor
     The task of drill press’s stepped-cone pulley or pulley is to control the spindle. The motor is usually bolted to a plate on the head casting the column’s rear with an average speed about 250-3000 revolutions per minute. Because the motor shaft of drill press is installed vertically, its sealed ball-bearing motor is utilized as a power unit. With daily using needs, the 1/4 or 3/4 horsepower engine is enough to complete your work very well.



If you would like to determine the capacity or size of drill press, you can base on the distance from chuck center to in front of column which is expressed diameter of drill press. For example, the drill press about 16-1/2 inch is going to drill holes about 16-1/2 inch. Normally, the drill press about 8-17 inch will be used at home.
     In addition, the best drill press have to meet ten following features:
  1. Solid construction: The drill press with solid construction can only create the good quality products in a long time
  2. Ribbing: Table and base of drill press have to be durable in such a way that it can lift the items with the certain hardness. You ought to find the models have grooves on base to clamp slats and ledges steady so as to ensure both your life and your working process.
  3. Flat table: You had better pay attention that the flatter table is, the more accurate your working process is. Furthermore, flat table also help you locate workpiece easily. When buying drill press, you ought to check whether or not you can adjust this table up and down, left and right easily because it affects directly how to handle your different drilling situations.
  4. Cast iron head: which machine has this part that means it has had the great support and protection for other parts of drill press such as the motor, quill and pinion shaft.
  5. Key chuck: a drill press with a chuck tightened by a key is safer than holding your hand naturally. The chuck with 1/2 inch capacity can just contain bits and other different accessories. It is extremely wonderful for you to find a drill press with a taper-mounted chuck or a self-ejecting key due to it will guarantee your exact drilling without happening any accidents about chuck.
  6. Depth-adjustment gauge: this allows you to drill many holes with the same depth.
  7. Adjustable motor bracket support: this part help the motor of machine run better and better.
  8. Various speeds: let you purchase a drill press which is able to operate with the different speeds in order to drill holes for several different materials as metal, wood, plastic, glass and ceramic. The best way is to select drill press which is equipped a triple pulley arrangement due to you can choose twelve different speeds from 250 to 3000 rpm thanks to this part’s assistance
  9. Replacement and Services: It is very important to find the suitable replacement parts in order to avoid the unexpected cases.
  10. Accessories: Purchasing the appropriate accessories for your drill press help you perform other applications easily and fast so you have to know how to choose the most fit accessories. You are able to refer to the following accessories which are popular for most drill presses now such as sanding drums and abrasive sleeves, disk sanding, buffing wheels and polishing bonnets, vises and hold downs, lamp attachment.
     Besides the drill press’s features and functions, before buying, you should determine other basic elements: which size of drill press is appropriate to your storing place? How much money will you spend for it? What do you use for? You also need to know not the most expensive machine is your best choice due to each individual has different using demands and economic condition.