Some Tips and Steps to Choose Suitable Portable Drills

Power and hand tools seem an important part in the modern tools box. Corded and cordless drills are the most common tools which was used at home. Hand drills which are changed with suitable drill bits are strong and flexible supporters for your house repair and remodel. However, there are numerous kinds of drill in the market which make you confused by. Following these tips can help to to forget that confusion.

Feel free when using drills

It is true that any hand and power tool has to be comfortable when handling. A drill is likely to make you feel preferable at a shop but it doesn’t seem right after you use it several times at home. You should please ensure that controlling it is easy and convenient, especially when clicking next to, returning, or changing speed. You can choose your own drills based on its handle styles. There are 3 different types of handle:


– Firstly, cordless hand drills with T handle are the most popular due to it have a balance of weight allocation, meaning users can avoid to trigger wrist fatigue after long holding time to work.
– Secondly, corded drills which are formed traditionally short gun model.
– Third type, portable drills with square corner design like right angle drills which fit to work in a narrow space

Drill electrical force

Normally, electrical force’s drills is not measured by volts units, and available voltage drill is about from 2 to 20 V. The higher voltage’s drills is, the higher weight it is, so it is better to purchase a drill which might satisfy 80% – 90% of your working needs. Drills which have 12 – 18 volts are used popularly as it meet working need of almost all family. Maybe electrical force of corded drills are in terms of ampere. In general, electrical force are stronger, meaning stronger working.

Choose drills based on various utilities

Another criteria to decide to buy a drill is your purpose, for examples, you need to drill soft, hard wood, metal, or brick as each material requires typical and different speed. Obviously, stronger materials or larger drill bits must be used at lower speed and vice versa, softer materials and smaller bits are recommended at higher speed. It is a good ideas to purchase a drill which can change with different level of speed, which allows users to control smoothly drills’ s speed. If you intend to work with combined of material, you should own a speed – changed drill. Clutches which can be adjusted is an crucial feature your drills should have.


Additional components of drills

Drill chuck is used to cramp drill bits that move into the drills. There are several sizes of chuck including 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch. To serve for work at house, for instance, the most suitable size of drills is 3/8 inch. Locked drill chuck (tightening or loosing by lock) or unlocked drill chuck (adjusting by manual) are two popular types. Among these types, locked drill chuck brings 2 huge benefits: no missing or loosing lock and being easy and quick to adjust drill bits.

Two typical types of drills you can try

Cordless battery drills: With cordless drills using mainly 2 kinds of battery namely nickel cadmium (NiCd or Ni-Cad) or lithium ion (Li-Ion). It is true that Ni-Cad has been used for a longer time and compatible with majority of existing battery charges while Li-ion battery is lighter. The time of exhausted battery depends on a lot of elements like temperature, drilled materials, regardless of consistent or non – consistent drilling, full or not full battery. This means that it should be ensured to buy a battery charge if it is not attached with the drill. The standard and required of plugging battery fluctuates from 1 hour to overnight. If your workload is fixed and regular, it is more advisable to have a reversed battery. Good to remember to read guidelines of using duration and plugging battery.
Corded drills: Corded drills not depending battery to provide energy, which leads to that they are so suitable with hard drilling like drilling bricks or big holes into wood. They need to have reasonable extension cord. According to drilling manufacturers, you must use compatible extension cord and follow safety guidelines.


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