Power and Hand Tools Application to Work at Your House

DIY – do it yourself is not a too strange term with people who are keen on getting themselves to do work at their house like hanging pictures from the walls, repairing the table, constructing a cabinet and the like. Moreover, with the support of power and hand tools that people do not stop to do these, you can make everything you want to because they can make themselves desks, tables, or build garage. It is obvious that you can hire a qualified person to drill a small hole for gases pipe or build a cabinet which is always available but you have to pay a lot of money for small jobs like that. So why do you try to do these jobs by yourself with power and hand tools? In prior, it is more advisable to look up and understand different types of power and hand tools in order to you can start and require what kind of tools at your house. And let see benefits and application of power and hand tools at your house.


Hand tools uses

diy-with-power-and-hand-tools-2To begin with the most popular hand tools used at house include a pliers, wrench, hammer and the like which are able to do some simple work at your garden or repair other minor work at house. These are necessary tools which are used at almost all family because they are easy to use and make housework more quickly and effectively to process. For example, you can use a pliers and wrench to check regularly and repair your own motorbikes, bikes or even electrical sockets, electrical machine and equipment without cost much money on hiring. Otherwise you can use some specified hand tools for woodwork at your house. You can use chisel to eliminate timber and design curves on needed surfaces, while a hammer is used to send force to wood and wood products and make them fit and breaking up in parts.

Power tools application and adoption at your house

1. Drills

It is true that electrical drills have multiple purposes for your housework. It is recommended to drill to hang up some items on the walls such as a kitchen cabinet, pots, spans to just a few name, which allows to you save space in your house and arrange house equipment more organized and tidy. Moreover, when you need to drill some holes for gases, water, and cable pipe line. Obviously, it costs you a little to buy a drill, but you can solve a great number of work at your house from at least simple to more complex one. It is more preferable to users to purchase a multiple Р purpose drill: drill steel, brick, drill concrete and so on which are combined with the reversing motor function to screw and adjust the speed of screwing.

There are several types of drills

  • Electrical drills: This is normal drills without reversing and concrete drilling function so you just apply it to drill steel, aluminum, wood.
  • Impact drills or called motivation drills, which is not the reversing drills, while having concrete drilling function to drill walls, concrete.
  • Hammer drills: Rotary function are equipped to drill concrete and other hard materials.

In addition to this, drill bits also impact productivity and lifespan of drills, which includes two major drill bits.

  • Twist or special drill bits: Based on various materials: wood, aluminum, steel, or concrete to be created by appropriate materials and appearance. For special drills, maximum diameter of special drills on steel materials is about 12 mm, on wood is 14 – 16 mm, on walls about 20 mm.
  • Hole drill bits: Advantages of hole drill bits is that they do not need higher capacity as drilling activities is only in hole girth.

2. Saws

diy-with-power-and-hand-tools-3Saws are adopted to cut plastic pipe or saw steel, wood to make house equipment or repair water pipe line, so a portable saw are not a bad choice. You should choose power drills which fit materials and your demand. Then, if your prefer to innovate with wood and painter, jig saws will be the first power tool in your tool box. This is extremely flexible tools accompanied with limit of materials thickness. It is convenient to cut horizontal, cut across the edge side and the like. Jig saws can be changed according to materials thickness. After all things it can be done for your work, you realize that it is really vital.

3. Angle grinder

The first type is to grinder metal with very high speed (7000 – 11000 rpm) which is suitable with processing with metal items like steel. The second type is used for wood, which have a far lower speed and can adjust the speed. It is recommended to choose types which can change the speed to adapt to varied materials like metal, wood, and even grinding painter. That is good and valid to use a multiple purpose tool.

Lets try DIY with wall shelf to create more space for storing books or decorating ornaments at your house. Or you can produce yourself a bookshelf for your kids. Finally, when you intend to use power and hand tools, you must insist to follow safety guidelines.