How to Use Power and Hand Tools in Safe Ways

power-and-hand-tools-1It is obvious that power and hand tools are really crucial with DIY fans and experts which enable them to save more time, force and finish jobs more easily and effectively. However most of workers have not owned an organized and safe work place and full of secure materials. If people do not follow safe guidelines and practice carefully, it will trigger to unexpected injuries and accidents. Accidents often occur when users are exhausted, careless or over confident. It is important to remember safe guidelines below to enjoy DIY work completely.

Have full understanding of force and pressure

This means that you must check power and hand tool, and choose types of tools which is suitable with your own purposes. All handles of portable tools must be comfortable and easy to hold, which enable you to reduce pain and fatigue. There is no point in pressuring too much when using power tools. It is better to choose a right tool for the right job, which contributes to that the job are implemented and finished more effectively and guaranteeing following the designed force. Furthermore, based on the square and materials of working environment to choose the proper sizes of equipment. Thus, it is good to read carefully using guidelines and technological parameters which help you to understand more about the tool.

Safety at the work place

power-and-hand-tools-2You should keep the work place organized, tidy, clean and enough lighting. Lighting plays an important role in contributing a safe working environment which help to avoid mistakes and confusion leading to injuries, especially when working in basements and parking lot it must be provided enough lighting for accuracy. No operating power and hand tools in explosive atmosphere which has appearance of combustible gases, liquids or dust. This is due to that portable power tools produce sparks while working which make these gases and liquids start to be burned. When you are working with portable power tools, you should ban your children to be close to the working as they do not know potential damage and consequences from these tools. They can easily get hurt or adults can be disturbed by them and loose concentration and control on jobs which may lead to accidents.

Electrical safety

 It is true that people should obey seriously principles of safe electricity, especially when power and hand tools almost need electricity to work. To protect yourself from electrical shocks, you are not permitted to alter the plug in any way. Similar to this, do not use altered plugs with power and hand tools approaching soil as well as not allow your body to touch grounded sides such as pipes or the radiator, which allow you to reduce the expose of electrical shock. The pristine plugs and suitable sockets is to help users to be saved. At the same time, do not leave power and hand tools in rain or water as water dropped into the tools make them be out of work and increase electrical shocks.

Personal safety

Only use power and hand tools when you are alertness and have knowledge about that tools, that means you can control these tools. Specifically, if you are exhausted or impacted of  alcohol or drugs, you should not work with power tools. For instance, you just do not concentrate for a minute when operating power and hand tools, you can get serious damage.
– Using personal protective equipment such as dust mask, anti – slippery boots, protective hats, protective ears equipment and the like. It is necessary to protect your eyes by wearing protective glasses while operating power tools, especially with drills to avoid dust, debris, shavings and other items shooting into your eyes. With ears you could use reasonable materials of earplugs to cover your ears to minimize threatening to them such as big noise when working in close space. Wearing protective or specialized clothes is so important to remember. When you intend to operate power and hand tool, you might bear in mind keep your clothes and hair neat and tidy and away from movement parts because they can be rolled in these parts dangerously. Especially, wearing jewelry while working is banned because it can not keep you at the highest flexible and comfortable for practicing. Let wear gloves to prevent to touch sharp debris, which cause injuries with your hand. Similarly, you should wear coal mask to reduce breath micro dust which is so harmful to your lungs and nose. It is also crucial to wear a strong shoes to protect toe when tools or material drop down as these tools work with quick speed and are very strong.
It is recommended to not operate power tools unconsciously, which can be done by ensuring the plug left in the off position before connecting with electricity or battery. Moving power tools when still turning on are not safe and easily trigger damage.
– Postures and Positions. Do not try to touch at higher position because you must keep in balance and stand at suitable position, which enables to remote power and hand tools more properly in sudden situations. Awkward postures can require more force, meaning that it takes shorter time to make you have fatigue and tiredness. You can work with lower surface to guarantee safety longer.


Check power and hand tools regularly

This is because that you must ensure that your tool are storing appropriately. It is more detail to check the moisture content of the electrical power, if it exceeds the allow moisture isolation of electricity you must dry them out before operating. The electric wires should fill electrical force of motor. After using you should clean the tools and store at a cool and spacious warehouse.